The conservation and valorisation of the world’s cultural and heritage are an essential basis for the affirmation and enrichment of the cultural and civil identity of all people. The safeguard, the conservation and the restoration of Cultural Heritage, which constitutes the memory of human creativity, is of global importance and it requires collective efforts to achieve such an aim.

The national realities require an increasing integration of experiences and requirements, technical solutions and policies. Within the international scenario, Italy has always been a protagonist in the research and creation of methods and techniques concerning the conservation and restoration
of cultural heritage. This is due to its own patrimony, its research tradition, its experience and the qualified work of researchers, restorers and art historians as well as its prestigious research and educational institutes. The possible areas of action are so numerous that an increasingly close co-operation between public and private structures has become necessary in order to safeguard cultural and artistic heritage and to spread and promote the culture of conservation and restoration.

In this context the Associazione Giovanni Secco Suardo was founded, entitled to Giovanni Secco Suardo (1798-1873), whose work has had a remarkable influence on restoration’s history in Italy and abroad.

The Associazione Giovanni Secco Suardo operates, since 1991, in coordination with leading public institutions, both national and international, to stimulate and widen cultural-historic and technical-scientific researches, and to allow confrontation on conservation problems of different cultural realities fostering constant updating and the debate on advanced topics and methods.
In order to achieve these goals the Association promotes initiatives such as conferences and seminars, the setting up of archives and data bases, the promotion of cultural and scientific exchanges in Italy and abroad, the participation in projects carried out in developing countries and publishing
activities. These activities are carried out through co-operation with major public (Ministries, Universities, Government Offices, Museums and recognised education institutions, etc.) and private (Foundations, Museums, Associations in the sector, etc.) institutions in the field.