The project known as RRM – Restauratori e Restauri in Museo (Restorers and Restorations in Museums) follows on from the national project ASRI-Archivio Storico Nazionale e Banca dati dei Restauratori Italiani (National Archive and Databank of Italian Restorers).
Promoted by the Associazione Giovanni Secco Suardo, and co-financed by the Fondazione Cariplo, the project aims to give visitors from Italy and abroad a fuller understanding of artworks while actually viewing them, by examining the history of the work through the restorations that have taken place from the 19th century up to the present day.
Information on the conservation history of the works includes the characteristics of the materials and techniques used, the state of deterioration, different attributions and changes made to the subject matter (often discovered during restoration work), providing viewers with more information on the works through their history over time, not only as a reflection of the period when they were created.

Several works of art have been chosen for the project and the aim is to expand the amount of background material available by giving more details not only on the history of restoration and the Italian restorers involved, but also on the specific activities of museums for the conservation of artworks.

The initiative is open to the public from December 2011 until May 2012, according to the opening times of the various museums involved.

Lanfranco Secco Suardo, chairperson of the Associazione Giovanni Secco Suardo, explains the project: