The altarpiece known as the Ancona della Passione is of a type often found in northern Europe, consisting of several folding panels. Once opened, the painted panels reveal the internal wood intaglio, in this case scenes from the Passion of Christ. The work was commissioned by Andrea Annone (depicted on the right-hand panel), in the mid-16th century from a workshop in Antwerp (Belgium) for a chapel in the church of Santa Maria e San Giorgio in Annone Brianza (Lecco).
In 1969 the work was moved to the parish church and subsequently to the rectory.
It was first restored in 1972 by Antonio Benigni and then in 2004, after being moved to the Diocesan Museum in 2001. The latter restoration was carried out by Luciano and Eugenio Gritti for the sculptured part and by the Studio di Restauro Luigi Parma for the painted part.