The telero1 by Michele da Verona, painted in 1501 for the Veronese monastery of San Giorgio in Braida, reached Brera in 1811. Its previous history before that date is unknown.
However, since 1811, the work’s conservation history is well documented; it underwent restoration twice in the 19th century and four times during the 20th century, with the aim of consolidating the painted surface and improving legibility. However, interpretation of the details did not always agree and changed over the years. For example, the lance held by the soldier on the right was originally depicted as a flowering tree, and it remained that way until at least 1811; then in the early 20th century, it was interpreted as a pike and was repainted accordingly.

1 A Venetian invention consisting of a large canvas, made up of several parts sewn together, hung on a wall instead of a traditional fresco which was unsuitable for the damp conditions in Venice.